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Thank you for visiting our

Virtual Open House.

Welcome to our Virtual Open House!

We are glad that you are interested in learning more about Spectrum Christian Homeschool Community. Due to our current closure to help reduce the spread of COVID-19, we will not hold in-person Open Houses this year. Rather, we invite you to explore the contents of this page. Should you have any questions after perusing the information here, please feel free to contact us at openhouse@spectrumchc.com. One of our Oversight Committee members would be happy to answer any questions you may have about Spectrum.

Prospective Students, we welcome you as well!

Students, please ask your questions too! At our traditional Open Houses, students are welcome and encouraged to come along. They are invited to sit in on classes so that they can get a good feel as to how our classes run and how our teachers facilitate classroom time. We hope that during their visits they will enjoy meeting our current Spectrum students and asking any questions they may have.  Since we are unable to host students for Open Houses this year, Prospective Students, please submit your questions too. We also hope that you will get some feel for Spectrum from our slide show available on this page. Prospective students may submit questions (just as we invite interested adults) to openhouse@spectrumchc.com.

Please note that parents of students 8th grade and younger must accompany their children at all times during these visits.

Current classes continue at Spectrum via distance learning!

Our last day of on-campus classes was Thursday, March 12, 2020. But despite our being quarantined to our own homes, Spectrum classes have continued for our students. Teachers have made the move to distance-learning, with some holding Zoom class sessions and others utilzing online resources and other materials. Communication with students via the class pages and forums on this website (available to members only) has allowed us to continue the learning for our Spectrum community. 

Please see our current 2019-2020 class schedule below. While next year's schedule is different, this schedule will give you an idea of what we have in place this year. 

Current 2019-2020 Class Schedule Please note that our Tuesday and Thursday schedules are different. 

Check out our course offerings and schedule for 2020-2021!

We are excited for the upcoming school year! Please see below our tentative schedules for the 2020-2021 school year.

The Spectrum school year is comprised of 32 weeks of instruction, or 4 8-week quarters.  We are in the process of planning the 2020-2021 school calendar and will post it when it is available. 

2021 Tuesday Schedule

2021 Thursday Schedule

Registration Information

Spectrum uses online system registration. Details about using this system will be available on the Enrollment page of this website. 

Registration Dates

Registration for Spectrum teachers, staff, and Oversignt Committee members will begin May 16.

Registration for all current Spectrum families will begin May 20.

Registration for all new families will begin June 1.

Registration will close on June 3.

In order to maintain optimal student-teacher ratios and class sizes, Spectrum assigns class size numbers for each of our classes. Once a class is full, additional students who register for the class will be added to a waitlist. Students may be added to the class in order from the waitlist. 

Registration Fee.  Spectrum charges an annual registration fee (for new and returning families alike) of $35 per family.

  • New families must join Spectrum via the website and pay this $35 fee before they are able to register. This fee is non-refundable.
  • Returning families are charged this fee at the time of registration. 

Tuition and Fees for 2020-2021

Each class is priced at a per unit fee of $125 per unit.

    Therefore, class cost = units per class (listed on the class schedule) x $125.

     For example, for Physics, which is a 3-unit class, the cost for the class would be                     3 units x $125 = $375 total for the class. 

Study hall = $60 each

Lunch = $60 each

Once you have registered for classes, our registrar will contact you to confirm your class schedule and fees. The first payment of 20% of your total cost (tuition and fees)  plus class materials fees is due June 8, 2020. If payment is not received by June 15, 2020, your student(s) will be dropped from classes.

For the 2020-2021 school year, Spectrum will use an online registration system as well as an online tuition payment system.  Unless a family pays the complete tuition up front, tuition payments will only be accepted via PayPal.  These payments should be made on the website by 6/15/20,  9/1/20, 11/1/20, 1/1/21, and 3/1/21. 

More information will be available upon registration.