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Mrs. Jenn Poist To All Instructors

Jenn Poist and her family came to Spectrum in 2017.  She began teaching and taking our school portraits in 2018 and took on the Spectrum yearbook in 2019.  Jenn and her husband Jerry have one daughter and one son and have been home schooling since 2008. For the 2020-2021 school year at Spectrum Ellanor will be in her senior year and Joel will be in grade seven.  Jenn loves to be creative and enjoys graphic design, photography, cooking and art.  She also loves getting involved with our Stagelight shows working on sets, tees/hoodies, and programs.  Jenn has been active in children’s and women’s ministry since she was a high school student and loves to volunteer for Hon’s Honey and The Well in Baltimore’s Curtis Bay.

Current Classes Instructed by Mrs. Jenn Poist
Book Club - 20/21 (closed)
Cooking and Nutrition - 20/21 (closed)
Photography Fun - 20/21 (closed)
Yearbook and Creative Photography - 20/21 (closed)