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Special Expectations for Online Learning

Since Spectrum will begin the 2020-2021 school year in an online format, these special expectations have been delineated to facilitate the best online learning experiences for our students and staff. Please refer to related emails and other announcements from the Spectrum OC and teachers regarding other specifics. Of course, Spectrum’s regular “Student Expectations”still apply to online class times.

For online (i.e. Zoom) classes, teachers should do the following:

  • Send students an email providing a link to the Zoom class no later than 10:00 p.m. for a class the following school day. If class will not be Zoomed, then clear communication regarding the class plan for the day should be emailed by 10:00 p.m. for class the following school day.
  • Open the Zoom class 5 minutes prior to the class start time.
  • Turn camera and audio on so that students can both see and hear the teacher.
  • Teach for no more than 45 minutes to allow students an opportunity to prepare for their next class.
  • Before opening your Zoom class, make preferred settings regarding private chat, screen sharing, etc.

During online (i.e. Zoom) classes, student should do the following:

  • Join the Zoom class up to 5 minutes before the class begins so that you will be ready to begin at the class’s scheduled start time.
  • Turn camera on and be sure that your face shows clearly on the video. Please avoid the use of distracting backgrounds and visual effects during class time.
  • Turn your audio on and mute or unmute it as directed by your teacher.
  • Have all necessary class materials with you. This includes books, notebooks, paper, and writing instruments. You should be prepared to actively participate in class, not just watch your teacher teach.
  • It is recommended that during online class time you sit at a table or desk. Wherever you choose to be for class, sit up during class, rather than reclining or lying down. This suggestion is just to facilitate your best chance of learning well. Individual teachers may make specific requests regarding how or where you participate in online classes.
  • Use public chat as your teacher directs.
  • Limit or avoid use of private chat as your teacher directs.
  • Share your screen with the online class only if permitted by the teacher.
  • Participate actively in class by answering questions, responding as directed, etc.

For assignments collected online

  • Teachers should provide (1) a clear place to which assignments should be submitted, (2) a clear due date and time, as well as (3) clear directions as to how to do so, i.e. upload, email, etc.
  • Students should submit assignments only to the place designated by the teacher. For example, if the teacher directs students to upload assignments to the class dashboard on the Spectrum website, the student should not just email the assignment to the teacher. If a student has difficulty understanding or otherwise following the teacher’s directions for submitting an assignment, he or she should email the teacher for assistance or clarification.

Click for a special printable Zoom Class Expectations graphic.