Mary Poppins: Auditions for Jane & Michael Banks

Auditions for Jane & Michael Banks will be held THIS Tuesday, Dec. 16th at CFC (3:30pm).   Jane is approximately 11-13 and Michael is 8-11 years old.  Those auditioning should prepare a song (using a background track if at all possible), approximately 1 minute in length.  Both Jane & Michael need to be able to speak in a British accent.

Ensemble Roles (all grades):

 If you would like to be in the incredibly-fun Ensemble, it’s not too late!  You will need need to  complete an Actor Information Sheet and either bring it to the audition this Tuesday, or email it to Laurie Reichard.  You do not need to audition to be a member of the ensemble, but you (and your parent) need to carefully read all the information explaining the production process and what expected from our cast members.  If you would like this information and forms, please send a request to Laurie Reichard at

  Note: There are several named roles, which will be selected from members of the Ensemble.

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