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Mrs. Jeneane Tolley To All Instructors

Jeneane and her family have been members of Spectrum since 2017. They began homeschooling back in 2013, and are happy to have finally find their homeschooling niche here with this wonderful homeschool community. Jeneane joined the staff as a SAS (Student Activity Supervisor) in 2018. This past year she taught a Bible story/storytelling class, and co-taught PE/Health. Her true love is being a SAS and taking care of the students and serving the teachers during the day with her co-SAS Robbi. It is her joy to currently sit on the Oversight Committee. 

Jeneane has been married to her husband, Matt, since 2002. They have 4 beautiful children, Julia, Jake, Jill, and Matthew, all of whom currently attend Spectrum. Julia and Jill have enjoyed being part of the Stagelight Productions shows. 

In her spare time, Jeneane enjoys taking walks with her family and friends, reading, crocheting, and being the CEO of her very busy family. She likes to call herself the Chief Executive Officer of a small family-run child development center, where she sits on the discipline board. :)

Current Classes Instructed by Mrs. Jeneane Tolley
Lounge, Tuesday, 3rd period - 20/21 (closed)
Lounge, Tuesday, 5th period - 20/21 (closed)
Lunch - Tuesday - 20/21 (closed)
Study Hall - Tuesday 1st Period - 20/21 (closed)
Study Hall - Tuesday 2nd Period - 20/21 (closed)
Study Hall - Tuesday 4th Period - 20/21 (closed)
Lounge, Thursday, 1st Period - 20/21 (closed)
Lounge, Thursday, 3rd Period - 20/21 (closed)
Lounge, Thursday, 4th period - 20/21 (closed)
Lounge, Thursday, 5th period - 20/21 (closed)
Lunch - Thursday - 20/21 (closed)
Study Hall - Thursday 2nd Period - 20/21 (closed)